The Apple Age

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Size: M: 150 pcs
Style: Classic

Are you dreaming of the future? Take a look at this picture. What do you see? What is the boldest assumption you have? According to biologists, the next few decades could be the last for the world we are used to!

Global warming is causing the emergence of entirely new species. At the same time, all existing species are already increasing in size and will continue to do so in the future. The bravest of scientists claim that even real giants may appear. We may not see them in our lifetime. But just imagine, they will appear for sure!

A long time ago a human tasted the fruit of knowledge. Now we are harvesting it every year and the techno universe has long since then entered every home.

Until recently, we had no idea that the era of neural networks was so close to reality. Now it seems to have come very close to us. How will these two such different worlds continue to exist? The world of living things and the world of cold machines? What is easy for machines can be difficult for humans - and vice versa. In any case, we need to learn to find a common language with them.

The truth is the world has changed irrevocably! The new age has already arrived!

Aroma candle: Aura #2

Fragrance Notes

  • High notes: Cinnamon
  • Middle notes: Apple
  • Base notes: Sandalwood



The "Fantasy" collection is an inspiration, magic, and other supernatural phenomena. Magical and mythological creatures, elves, gnomes, and fairy tale inhabitants. A bird that does not use its wings will not fly far. Our wings are our imagination, and those who don't use them always stay in one place.

The "Fantasy" Collection by Dr. Puzzle consists of shaped wooden puzzles. It is all about beautiful worlds and magical legends. It is perfectly carved from thick wood smooth pieces with lots of characters. A puzzle like this could be your meditation! Challenging to assemble, it has interesting slicing and a pleasing color scheme.

The collection will please beginner collectors and experienced puzzle enthusiasts. Dream and fantasize together with Doctor Puzzle and the incredible worlds of artists around the world.

Size: M: 150 pcs
Style: Classic

Customer Reviews

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Emma Thompson
I love it.

These puzzles are a true delight! Once you start with one set, you simply can't stop 😄 I've already purchased two sets from different collections because they are that amazing!

Therese O

One of the tops in wooden puzzles. I love the beautiful front images and stunning backs when flipped over. A fantastic experience.