Doctor Puzzle is a company of intellectual board games with the spirit of philosophy.

We create exclusive premium wooden puzzle sets and jigsaws. They mesmerize you from the first touch. The assembled double-sided puzzle is a picture of a famous artist. This is a real work of art. At the heart of each of our products is a patented technology for the production of wooden puzzles.


  • Give you not a picture or a toy to assemble but something much deeper. Something that will allow you to spend time with your family or mend relationships with your loved ones. And maybe for somebody, it is an opportunity to meet a new soulmate.

  • Something that will make you think and maybe change something in your life for the better!


First the people, then the idea

We create products we are proud of for the people we care about!

The basis of our work is respect for each team member and the customer. When we create our games, there are no insignificant moments. Every detail and every person on the team is important.

"Sometimes we see a lot, but we don't see the main thing" is what we try to put into our products.