Snow Sledge

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Size: M: 150 pcs
Style: Classic

Wilhelmina Helena Paulina Maria is the Queen of the Netherlands and great-granddaughter of the Russian Emperor Paul I. She is the described heroine of Otto Erelmann's painting.

It's a frosty day. The air is crisp and fresh and everything is covered in snow. The horses are blowing warmth out of their nostrils. The last preparations are over. The Queen settles into her sleigh and sets off for a ride. Where will she go? To tour her domain or to make some important official visit?

Flip the painting over and immerse yourself in the world of royal everyday life! On the reverse side of the puzzle is our interpretation of the time in which the artist existed. Outside the window, the damp air of the Dutch plains. In the royal chambers, the steam from the hot tea divides the picture into two parts. Below is the royal palace, and the upper part is Wilhelmina's journey through her kingdom.

Erelmann's father was a priest and discouraged his son from painting. So much so that he even hid brushes and paints from him. But Otto became an artist. Moreover - he graduated from the Academy of Art. For 30 years he was a court painter and now he is considered the best animal painter of the 19th century! What an explosive cocktail of talent, hard work, and perseverance! So set your most ambitious goals! Be persistent in achieving your dreams and everything will work out!



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Size: M: 150 pcs
Style: Classic