Feeding Sacred Ibises in the Halls of Karnak

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Size: L: 330 pcs
Style: Classic

Mysteries and secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Kingdom in our new puzzle!

In the painting, you see a priestess feeding sacred ibises in the Karnak Temple Complex. It would seem that the ancient earth is a man's planet. You are in for a surprise! The status of women in ancient Egypt was exceptionally high. They owned land and property. Bought, sold, and inherited it. Women had equal rights with men in courts. And they even could be priestesses!

On the back of our puzzle, you will see the world of the gods and the world of people as one. Men and women work the land, dance, and eat together. They worship the gods and perform religious rituals cooperatively.

Karnak is the mediator between us and god's universe. Here the many-faced Thoth rules eternity. At this place, Isis, the symbol of life, welcomes you. And sphinxes are the silent witnesses to incredible events.

The pyramid is the centre of Pharaoh's power. The eye of the God Ra - symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The earth woman is the source of all life. At the end of the journey, the tired traveller meets Seth in his boat and takes him straight to Paradise.

Welcome to the world of sphinxes, scarabs, pharaohs, and slaves!
Be warned - it will drag you away for a long time!

Aroma candle: Aura #9

Fragrance Notes

  • High notes: Lavender



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Size: L: 330 pcs
Style: Classic

Customer Reviews

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Olivia Roberts

If you're a puzzle enthusiast, these are an absolute revelation. I haven't come across anything like them before. They are double-sided, and the other side presents a completely different and intriguing story to piece together.

Gorgeous puzzle at fair price

Gorgeous puzzles at fair prices. We especially love the designs on the back.