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Size: S: 100 pcs
Style: Classic

In Edmund Blair Leighton's paintings, there are no accidental details. From the first glance at the «Maternity,» you feel yourself inside the masterpiece.
The ascetic and cold walls of the monastery are unsettling. Two young women face each other.

Which of them is more holy? Is it the mother looking for shelter, or is it the one who has devoted her life to serving the Lord?

It is written a lot about motherhood. But before a woman becomes a mother, she does not know what she is capable of, what infinite power hides in her. A mother first carries a child under her heart, letting a new person into our world. Then she will lead him through the circles of life and will not stop protecting him until the end of her days.

Aroma candle: Aura #8  

Fragrance Notes

  • High notes: Plum, Tonka
  • Middle notes: Caramel
  • Base notes: Sandal



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Size: S: 100 pcs
Style: Classic