The Garden at Sainte-Adresse

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Claude Monet's painting «The Garden at Saint-Adresse» is autobiographical. It is a summer day that remains on the canvas forever as a reminder of the time he spent with his family. Things were not so rosy in the artist's real life. The family came together to demand he breaks up with his pregnant girlfriend.

People are valuable, but they do not represent the main characters in this painting. The unique light of the French Riviera, the color of the water, the changing sky, and the greenery of the terrace! That’s what keeps one's eye on for a long time!

Monet stretched the landscape horizontally. Inspired by the Japanese ukiyo-e prints of Utagawa Hiroshige and Katsushika Hokusai. But the hues here are much more vibrant, and the vivid light sets a special mood. In Impressionism, sunlight is barely the leading character in any painting. It is the rightful owner here, creating new tones and shades, immersing you in a holiday of light!

Aroma candle: Aura #10 

Fragrance Notes

  • High notes: Fig tree
  • Middle notes: Orange
  • Base notes: Jasmine, Cedar



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Size: S: 100 pcs
Style: Classic