The World of Bees

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Size: M: 150 pcs
Style: Classic

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the forest! The gentle sun is stroking you with its rays. It is no noise, no sounds, and no movement of life around you. Only endless silence merging with the sky. Feel how goosebumps run down your skin in the freshness of the early morning light.

Listening to the whisper of the wind, you can catch the voices of waking birds and the subtle smell of freshly cut grass. You take a cautious step, and branches crunch under your feet. A small bee flies by and leaves on the trees rustle. Silvery, humble streams trickle through the thicket of the forest. A new day has dawned. The symphony of sounds and smells reminds you of the most important thing - you are alive.

Now imagine that the small bee has not flown past you. As if it didn't exist at all. A huge number of plants pollinated only by bees will disappear with the little worker. It is 90% of our food from the table. Take care of bees, as they are already taken care of us today

Aroma candle: Aura #7

Fragrance Notes

  • High notes: Macaron
  • Middle notes: Vanilla
  • Base notes: Caramel


The "Fantasy" collection is an inspiration, magic, and other supernatural phenomena. Magical and mythological creatures, elves, gnomes, and fairy tale inhabitants. A bird that does not use its wings will not fly far. Our wings are our imagination, and those who don't use them always stay in one place.

The "Fantasy" Collection by Dr. Puzzle consists of shaped wooden puzzles. It is all about beautiful worlds and magical legends. It is perfectly carved from thick wood smooth pieces with lots of characters. A puzzle like this could be your meditation! Challenging to assemble, it has interesting slicing and a pleasing color scheme.

The collection will please beginner collectors and experienced puzzle enthusiasts. Dream and fantasize together with Doctor Puzzle and the incredible worlds of artists around the world.

Size: M: 150 pcs
Style: Classic