Invitation to the Fairy-tale

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Size: M: 150 pcs
Style: Classic

Christmas possesses a unique fairy-tale atmosphere! Snow-covered rooftops of magical houses! The light of ancient lanterns! Songs sounding from everywhere!
On a frosty evening, the glow of the brightest star is scattering on the silver snow. Its delicate surface is yet unmarred by human footprints. While adults are busy with their boring activities, a child's mind is ready to believe in miracles. The pure soul still believes in fairy tales!

Every year we return to our inner child. To the place where we careless chewed candy and dreamed of a fairy tale. We believed our life would sure turn into one. We knew everything would be as we dreamed. If anyone had told us then that life could be different, we wouldn't have believed it. Every year it became more and more difficult to believe in the fairy tale.

Linger by the window, breath in the pine scent of the Christmas tree. You will see the bright sparkle of the sun shines through the dense winter clouds. The soul fills with joy and you turn into a child again. Continue to believe in fairy tales... Because if you believe in miracles, they will happen to you!

Aroma candle: Aura #2

Fragrance Notes

  • High notes: Cinnamon
  • Middle notes: Apple
  • Base notes: Sandalwood



The "Fantasy" collection is an inspiration, magic, and other supernatural phenomena. Magical and mythological creatures, elves, gnomes, and fairy tale inhabitants. A bird that does not use its wings will not fly far. Our wings are our imagination, and those who don't use them always stay in one place.

The "Fantasy" Collection by Dr. Puzzle consists of shaped wooden puzzles. It is all about beautiful worlds and magical legends. It is perfectly carved from thick wood smooth pieces with lots of characters. A puzzle like this could be your meditation! Challenging to assemble, it has interesting slicing and a pleasing color scheme.

The collection will please beginner collectors and experienced puzzle enthusiasts. Dream and fantasize together with Doctor Puzzle and the incredible worlds of artists around the world.

Size: M: 150 pcs
Style: Classic