Collection "MIRACLES" by Doctor Puzzle


 The daily hustle. You wake up, turn on the kettle, brush your teeth, and pour boiling water into a cup.
The next day is the same. You turn on the kettle again, the toothbrush, and the boiling water in the cup. Another day, and back again. The moments fly by. Wife, children, elderly parents. Time flies mercilessly fast.

Wait. Is something missing? Where are the sand-soiled hands and the joy of ordinary things? Where is the trembling in the knees from the fact that the neighbor girl looked at you? Where are the dreams gone?

Happiness grows from silence. Listen to yourself and look deep into your soul. Because that's where your magic is! The little boy or girl hasn't gone anywhere, they're still there. You have to go back to the place where soap bubbles and sunbeams fall to the ground. There you can still see clouds in the form of elephants. Remember every moment with a special poignancy. Because it is a moment of your happiness. If you are not afraid to be a child, you will find that the whole world is a miracle and it is in your heart.

To follow your own path is a miracle. You don't need someone to believe in you. You keep moving forward toward your goals. And remember that the world can be a magical place. If you want to...